Name:                         Salamat Hussain

Father Name:             Mohammad Jan

Birth Place:                1937 Rampur – India




1- Started with Ustad Guchchan in Rampur.

    Ustad Guchchan was the student of Mushtaq Hussain Khan.

    Mushtaq Hussain Khan was the brother of Lataft Hussain.

2- In Pakistan his tutor was Ustad Hamid Hussain, famous Sarangi nawaz.

3- For some times, learnt from Sudan Zahoor Khan, who was related to Kirana Gharana

4- He likes the style of Pannalal Ghosh and is fully inspired by him. Also Dibu Bhatta Charya,

     another great musician and flute player of his choice.






He started his initial career from 1952 with Radio Pakistan Karachi as Flutist after audition by Mr. Z.A. Bokhari. On the opening of new Radio Stations at Hyderabad and Quetta he was posted there as one of the pioneer members. He also worked at Rawalpindi and Islamabad Radio Stations. He did various programs from these radio stations including participations at the annual musical conferences. Although not an employee now, but he is still performing as a visiting artist / Flutist at Karachi and other Radio Stations of Pakistan. 




From the period 1958 to 1980, he played Flute in Urdu, Punjabi, Pushto and Sindhi films, the list of this duration is very lengthy.




As Musician / Flutist:


He worked with many  famous Music Directors, like Khawaja Khursheed Anwar, Rashid Atray, Master Enayat Hussain, Tasaduq Hussain, A Hameed, Nashad Shahab, Zafar Khursheed, Safdar Hussain, Sohail Rana, Gulam Ali, Jalil Ahmed, Lal Muhammad Iqbal, Akhiya, Kadim Hussain, and Nazar Hussain etc.


As an Employee


He worked from 1952 to 1965 with Radio Pakistan as a Flutist.

From 1966 till 1973 with PIA Arts Academy, headed by the legendry Zia Mohiuddin.

It is now almost 22 years, since he is working with Pakistan National Council of the Arts, under Ministry of Culture and Inherit age, Government of Pakistan (National Performing Arts Group, Karachi).


Solo Performer


Besides above, he had been performing at PTVs  from its initiation in Pakistan

Several private TV channels now on air in Pakistan

Various Radio Stations in Pakistan

At Karachi Art Council

At foreign cultural centres in Pakistan

Musical conferences, festivals and exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad 

Background music for documentary films, several TV serials and advertisements

 In Pakistan and abroad, in front of the Presidents/Prime Ministers & high dignitaries    




He has 25 cassettes and 8 CDs, and Long Play Records.


Brief List of Awards:


1- President of Pakistan’s Pride of Performance Award - 1990

2- PTV - Award of Excellence.

3- PTV - Silver Jubilee Gold Medal

4- Award at the 37th Sea Week Military World Championship 1997

5- 6th PTV Award 1986

6- Cassette Melody Award

7- Asian Arts Council Award

8- 1981 Sindhi Musical Society Award 

9- PTV 1982 Award

10- PTV 1983 Award

11- Community Chest of Singapore 1988.

12- National Council of Music Pakistan 1966

13- Karachi Cultural Association 1966

14- Several Awards and certificates from Japan (EXPO 70, 1993), Korea, Turkey, France etc.


Few very famous, all times, filmy songs:


1-Har gaye har gaye tu say dil laga key

2-Nayna roye cham cham

3-Tu jo nahi tu kuch bhi nahi

4-Jann khe ker bolaya tu bura man gaye

5- Muhabatoo kay qaderdan na sher may na gayo may

6-Chand jab bhi muskurata hay

7-Baray bay murawat hain yeh hussan walay


Following are the selection of mili songs


1- Aiy Watan kay sajeelay jawano – Madam Noor Jahan

2- Meray Dhol Sipaia tenun rab dia rakhan – Madam Noor Jahan

3- Teray Bajray dee Raakhi – Madam Noor Jahan

4- Aay Putar Hatan day nai wikday – Madam Noor Jahan

5- Aiy Quaid-e-Azam tera ahsaan hai ahssan- Munawar Sultana

6- Apni Jaan nazar karun- Mehdi Hasan

7- Yeh Jungni Pakistan dee aay – Alam Lohar

8- Main Bhi Pakistan hun- Mohammad Ali Shehki

9- Aiy watan Pak watan – Amanat Ali Khan

10- Sohni Dharti Allah rakkhay- Shahnaz Begum

11- Millat ka pasban hai Muhammad Ali Jinnah- Masood Rana

12- Aao bachochon ser karain tumko Pakistan ki- Saleem Raza

13- Watan kee mitti gawah rehna- Niyyara Noor

14- yeh watan tumhara hai- Mehdi Hasan

15- Chaand meri zameen- pool mera watan – Amanat Ali Khan

16- Aiy nigaar-e-watan tu salamat rahay- Habib Wali Muhammad

17- Jeeway jeeway jeeway Pakistan – Shahnaz Begum



Data compiled by Uzma Noor.



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