Ustad Hamid Hussain

Ustad Hamid Hussain, a Sarangi Maestro of the sub-continent was from Muradabad ( Uterpardesh-Britsh India).

Before partition, he regularly performs in the Musical Programmers of All-India Radio-Bombay.

After partition, he lived in Karachi and performed as a solo artist as well as an orchestra musical at Radio Pakistan Karachi.

He was well-known of all the classical requirements of Sarangi playing.

There are huge number of noted Singers a Musicians, who learnt Classical Music from him, including Dinas Minwala, Dastoor Perwaiz, Soshela Mehtani, Dibora Danial, Mrs. Muniza Basheer ( Mother of well-known Pop Star of Pakistan, Nazia Hassan ) and many others.

Ustad Salamat Hussain learnt classical music from Ustad Hamid Hussain at Karachi. He remain almost 15 years under his training and learnt classical music, which he used in his Flute plying.

Previously the name of Ustad Salamat was “Salamat Ali” but after being under the mentrship of Hstad Hamid Hussain, he changed his name as “Salamat Hussain” as a token of appreciation to mentor.

Ustad Salamt Hussain is one of the dear students of Ustad Hamid Hussain who got his speciall affection more then other student of Ustad Hamid Hussain.

Till the date, Ustad Salamt Hussain acknowledges him as his “GURU” ( Mentor) before his every performance, in or outside the country.


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